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🍻 Ambitious perseverance
🍻 Forward thinking
🍻 Niagara business leadership

With commendation to the perseverance, innovation and forward-thinking vision, our Merritt’s Wheat is named to praise the man who spearheaded an innovation which became integral to the Niagara region.

Entrepreneurial pioneer of 1824, William Hamilton Merritt was the driving force behind the building of the first Welland Canal. Our Brewmaster taps into that same steadfast determination to unlock this ambitious wheat beer.

More About William Hamilton Merritt: http://www.biographi.ca/en/bio/merritt_william_hamilton_1793_1862_9E.html


Merritt’s Wheat

5.1% ABV | 20 IBU

A restrained experience featuring a bready, doughy malt profile that supports zesty lemon and grapefruit hop aromas with a soft floral and spicy background.

Hazy, pale yellow with a large, persistent white head.

A moderate bready wheat flavour permeates throughout the experience, and is punctuated by a hit of bright citrus hops that fades into a pleasantly balanced finish.

Crisp, refreshing and exceptionally tasty, Merritt’s Wheat is the perfect brew when you want a flavourful, easy-drinking beer.

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