Taste the lengendary beer

Decew Falls Morningstar Cream Ale 

🍻 Respect to the power of nature
🍻 Ability of a well-built structure to stand the test of time
🍻 Niagara community roots

With respect to the power of nature, the ability of a well-built structure to stand the test of time and Niagara community roots, our Morningstar Cream Ale is named to honour the rural industrial heritage site of the Morningstar Mill at Decew Falls on Beaverdams Creek.

Built in 1872, Morningstar Mill worked with nature to harness the power of Decew Falls to grind grain into flour. Our Brewmaster taps into that same team spirit to produce this smooth and dynamic cream ale.

Geek out and learn more about the Morningstar Mill: http://www.morningstarmill.ca

Morningstar Cream Ale

Original Recipe circa 2017
5.4% ABV | 15 IBU

Very mild aroma with notes of malt sweetness and a slight hint of herbal hops.  Well balanced between hops and malt, with neither dominating and working together in perfect harmony.

Bright gold colour with a rocky (big bubbles) head and brilliant clarity.

A well-balanced brew, with low herbal hop notes that begins fairly dry, then gives way to a subtly crisp, bready malt flavour.

A very good example of a post yard work beer. Refreshing enough to quench your thirst after a round on the lawnmower and delicious enough to sit and enjoy while not caring that the yard work never even got started. 

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