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Shipman’s Stout

🍻 Steady and true
🍻 Thriving through adversity
🍻 St. Catharine’s significant legacy

Enduring the War of 1812, Paul Shipman’s tavern and stagecoach transfer point known as Shipman’s Corners evolved with the addition of William Merritt’s second wharf in 1815. The town become the main milling site of the eastern Niagara Peninsula and grew into the vibrant city of St. Catherine’s we know and love today. 

Our Brewmaster taps into that same robust core and stamina to set the course for this flourishing stout.

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6.5% ABV | 55 IBU

A grainy, roasted coffee aroma with a touch of malt sweetness gives the impression of coffee and cream, rounded out by a touch of fruitiness and some mild, herbal English hops.

Black with a thick, persistent tan head

Flaked oats and Lactose give this classic stout a velvety, full mouthfeel and a thick, shaving cream head. Rich milky flavor with notes of roasted coffee and a hint of chocolate.

A rich, creamy, full-bodied stout with notes of coffee, chocolate and a touch of sweetness. Herbal English hops and fruity English yeast balance out this roasted, malt-driven brew.

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